Alarm Your Churches - May 12

19 FEBRUARY 2015

Another story has hit the national papers in recent weeks, highlighting St Peters Church in Blackley, Manchester as the first to trial a new alarm system designed and piloted by the Church of England, after thieves have targeted the church seven times in the last three years.

The Vicar of St Peters said “We used to use SmartWater (a liquid fingerprint) however not all scrap dealers took the time to check for this and we never heard anything back from the previous thefts” he then went on to say “Now if an intruder is on the roof, a loud alarm sounds and a voice tells them that they are being recorded and the police are on their way.  The security company then calls us immediately.”

 Ecclesiastical Insurance have said that more than 2,500 claims were made in 2011, however the true figure may be much higher because in many cases, churches who’s excesses were more than the damages cost didn’t make a claim.

The new alarm system is music to our ears over at CEL Ltd and we hope that St Peters Church in Blackley will be the first of many Churches who choose to have the system fitted.  Perhaps then we will see a downturn in the ever-increasing scrap metal value.

Our hands have been forced on many occasions to go down the route of supplying alternative lead replacement systems by the architects and insurance companies alike, rather than putting back the same as was taken, which of course goes against the historic nature of a church restoration.

We are hoping that this will force all  industry groups to promote the new alarm systems and encourage prevention, rather than the cure, so that the correct product is replaced on the roofs of our churches rather than substitute metals the likes of zinc, stainless steel and in some cases fiberglass sheeting.

CEL Ltd are committed to helping churches from becoming victims to lead thefts and are happy to offer experienced advice on how to make your church safer and will be fully supporting the new Church of England’s alarm system. 

Please also see our News post "Stamping out lead theft" if you would like to sign the epetition for cashless scrap transactions in future as an attempt to discourage left thefts.