Windmill Restoration at Royal Leamington Spa

Chesterton Windmill in Leamington Spa is a Grade 1 Listing building, built in the 17th Century and is the only one of its kind in England.

The restoration project includes stripping off the previous aluminium sheet from the dome roof, taking extreme care not to damage any of the existing structure, carrying out any roof repairs where necessary. We are replacing the previous aluminium roof with 0.8mm VM Zinc Quartz Plus.

We are working very closely with Arden Construction who were awarded the project by Royal Leamington Spa Council.  Arden Construction are also completing the additional restoration to both stonework and timber preservation.

Chesterton Windmill really is one of a kind, the only other windmill like this in the entire world resides in Newport, USA!!

The only difference being that Chesterton Windmill features a six pillar system, whereas the American version has an eight pillar system - They may have a "Bigger" Windmill but it is by no means "Better" than the beloved Chesterton Windmill.

This is exactly the kind of project that The CEL Group relishes.  It is a chance for us to show how materials like Zinc can be used to enhance the original charm of a period building, sympathetically applied.