Crownhill Crematorium

Project Overview

Client: Milton Keynes Council

Location: Milton Keynes

Architect: Louis I Kahn, America

Contractor: Kier Marriott

Value: £300,000

Programme: 20 Weeks

Materials: Stainless Steel, Sarnafil, Carpentry

Crownhill Crematorium, Milton Keynes

The new facility in Milton Keynes was constructed based on the design of architect Louis I. Kahn who had previously built the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

The only difference being that had a lead covering as opposed to the UK’s version having stainless steel as produced by Uginox, now Aperam in a defence against the theft problems which occur currently with lead. 

The cycloid roof structure received a covering of cold applied bitumen sheet before the structural timber and rail system was built upon it with the void being insulated. The roof build-up then finally received a 0.40mm thick 316AME stainless steel covering. All trades supplied and managed by CEL Ltd.

Having no consistent radius the stainless steel had to receive its profile in advance of its installation. This was achieved using a Schlebach machine owned by CEL Ltd which is supplied to a very few companies in the UK.  Without this machine and the skilled operation of it by CEL’s tradesmen, installation would have been impossible.

Weathering the flat link roofs between the cycloids was achieved by CEL’s single ply team who installed Sarnafil G410/12EL (Lead Grey) on tapered insulation to achieve the required 0.20 Wm2K U value as the cycloid roofs.